if the perfect spring is waiting somewhere, just take me there.

do you ever look at your follower count and think wow i tricked all these people into thinking im cool

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Barbara Kruger
Untitled (Your Body Is A Battleground), 1989


sometimes recovery doesn’t mean
more treatment
more therapy
more medication

sometimes you don’t need to
learn more coping skills or
make meal plans or
identify emotions.

sometimes you need
more time in the sunshine
more hugs that mean something
more drunken conversations on a sunday night

because sometimes you can understand recovery in your head
but not feel recovery in your heart.

sometimes your heart needs a little extra time to catch up.

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omg i just found out the faceless old woman who secretly lives in your home is the same woman who played MATILDA?!?!?!

I didn’t know I was broken ‘til i wanted to change

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